Don Jose's Review from an Anchorage AK Chiropractor

Let's talk "Tex-Mex" here in Anchorage, Alaska. One of my favorite stops for good old fashioned Americanized Mexican food is at Don Jose's. I have been frequenting Don Jose's since I was 10, after moving south to Anchorage, the big city, from further up north. Check out this article from and Anchorage AK Chiropractor!

Don Jose's in Anchorage AK

Back then my mother and I used to go there after school for free appetizers between two and four. As a kid, I really enjoyed their kid's nachos, which were cheese and pepperoni, and their virgin strawberry daiquiris. Of course, things have changed since then. I do not believe that they have free appetizers anymore, and the last few times we were there I didn't see nachos with pepperoni on them.

They do offer a free kid's meal with adult entrée purchases on Tuesdays however, which comes in handy for saving a bit of money on a family meal. Don Jose's is conveniently located on Northern Lights Blvd in Midtown near the Lake Otis Pkwy intersection. Due to its midtown location, parking is not an issue. The interior of the restaurant is decorated in classic "Tex-Mex" style with colorful murals, paintings, and shiny sombreros dominating the décor.

The Menu

The menu is fairly expansive, with both lunch and dinner specials, combos, ala carte items, a kid's menu, low calory and low carb options, appetizers, and a full bar with multiple Margherita options. When it comes to food, my personal favorites are the chile relleno, and the fajitas. My wife enjoys the chile relleno as well, but also the chimichangas. My daughter likes the soft tacos with chicken. The food tastes fresh and is not overly salty, which is important for us as we do not use salt in our home cooking, and sometimes restaurant fare can be quite salty when you have lower daily sodium intakes. When you are seated, the server will bring a basket of chips and a selection of salsas to eat while you make your selections.  heir pico de gallo and guacamole is pretty good but is an extra charge over the normal salsa selections. Entrees average twelve to eighteen dollars for most entrees, but be warned, portion sizes are generous and you will be full when you leave, likely with some leftovers as well!

The Drinks

The margaritas at Don Jose's are excellent. My wife and I enjoy the "scratch" margarita. This particular type of margarita is made with fresh-squeezed lime juice instead of a mixer, and the result is fantastic. Just remember to enjoy them responsibly! They offer other types of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, but the margaritas are really the star of the show on the drink menu.

I'm not really a dessert guy, and as such, I don't believe I have ever actually had dessert at Don Jose's. I know they have flan and a couple of other sweeter items on the menu, but I cannot attest to the quality of those offerings. One thing that I can attest to is that the online ordering on their website works well, and it is easy to modify dishes to taste if needed. We did pick-up with our order, so I'm not sure if delivery is an option.

Have you been to Don Jose's Anchorage AK location recently?