University of Alaska Anchorage AK Trail Review

First things first: this is NOT a review about the University of Alaska, Anchorage (UAA). This review is solely a review on the trail system stemming from UAA. The trail system connects UAA, Providence Hospital, the Alaska Native Medical Center, Alaska Pacific University, and East Anchorage High School to each other and to the neighborhoods stemming from Wesleyan Dr. and Checkmate Dr. in East Anchorage. Check out this article from an Anchorage AK Chiropractor.

The Trail System in Anchorage AK

This trail system includes multiple lakes and streams and is dog, bike, and ski friendly. The trails themselves are wide and well maintained. The main paths are cement, but many side trails split off from the main paths that are dirt and feel more like hiking trails.

There are many prominent water features on this trail system, with bridges that are fun to throw things in the water from like rocks or leaves, especially with younger kids around. My daughter really enjoys watching sticks or leaves we have thrown upstream drift under the bridges and see them on the other side, sometimes evolving (or perhaps more accurately, devolving) into floating stick races. There are also multiple lakes on the trail system including Goose Lake. In the summer, goose lake is a popular area to hang out and enjoy some lake time in the heart of the city.

Winter Trails

The trails are split in the winter with some trails for skiing only, other trails for walking only, and some are dog friendly while others are not. The signage is pretty good which helps decide which trail you should be on, especially if there are events utilizing the trail system for races. It can also be quite slippery in the winter, so ice grippers are recommended. The trails are generally clean, but on the dog-friendly trails dog waste can be an issue due to irresponsible dog owners that do not clean up after their pets. In the summer, there can be quite a few mosquitos around the trail system due to the forest and plenty of standing water for mosquito larvae. Sometimes it gets really bad and you are assailed by hundreds of mosquitos at once, which is generally not a good time for anyone.

Of course, this issue can be reduced with good insect repellant, by keeping a steady pace, and by avoiding dawn and dusk trips on the trails. Moose are known to travel through the trail system, so be on the lookout for moose while on the trails, especially in the spring when you are more likely to come across protective mother moose with calves.
The trails are a convenient way to traverse midtown bounded by the major roads Northern Lights Blvd, Tudor, Boniface, and Lake Otis Pkwy. If you live near the area, easy access to the trails can be found easily, especially in the university grounds. If you regularly enjoy the UAA trail system, please let us know how you feel about your local Anchorage trails. If you have yet to experience the UAA trail system, make it a point to check it out when you have a chance, my guess is you won't regret it!