Alaska Zoo Review from an Anchorage Chiropractor

The Alaska Zoo is nestled in Anchorage towards the South side of town in the largely residential East O'Malley road. The zoo is a fantastic destination for both children and adults alike. For those wishing to make multiple trips a year, the zoo membership is reasonably priced and covers a family of two adults and 2 children's admission, along with other perks such as discounts at the store and food vendors, and a free guest pass for another adult each visit. The zoo offers education programs and overnight camps that are especially convenient for Anchorage residents. Check out this article from an Anchorage AK Chiropractor!

The Alaska Zoo in Anchorage AK

The Alaska Zoo has a surprisingly robust selection of animals to view given its small 25-acre footprint and a complete lack of public funding. The selection ranges from Alaskan favorites such as moose and caribou to more exotic creatures such as Siberian tigers that like stalk back and forth in front of the viewing area or play with giant buoys in their exhibit.

My daughter's favorites are, of course, the Siberian tigers, but also the petting zoo and the arctic foxes. I myself enjoy watching the otters play in and out of the water in their exhibit and, when they are active, the polar bears swimming in the water in the underwater viewing area. My wife is a big fan of the seals and the wolves. The coyote also has some character and he can be seen digging food into different hiding places at times.

The Alaska Zoo layout is a bit eclectic, yet pleasing. Small paths wind between the exhibits often offering views from multiple vantage points around enclosures. The layout has a true "wild" feeling to it while remaining easy to navigate. The paths range from cement to a "hikers' path" feel, and though there are elevations, the slopes are mild enough for physically impaired guests to navigate.

The Cafe at the Zoo

Toward the south side of the zoo, there is a café that offers various refreshments, including a minimal kid-friendly menu. There is also a greenhouse near the café that has some interesting greenery and shrubs.

Special Events Through Out the Year

The Alaska Zoo has different special events that run throughout the year, from more kid-oriented wildlife camps and overnight stays to more family-oriented events like Zoo lights, which sees the zoo decorated with lights for the winter holidays. The zoo lights event is also accompanied by a member-only day to keep the crowds to a minimum for members. The zoo is almost always busier on the weekends, so a Saturday visit may see more crowds than a mid-week visit. The Alaska Zoo website can fill in many more details on the different events they offer, many of which take place in the warmer seasons.

Parking at the Anchorage Zoo

When first visiting the Alaska Zoo, know that there are two parking lots, one on the Southside and one on the Eastside. In my experience, the Southside parking lot becomes full first, so if you cannot find a spot keep heading toward the mountains and you will see the second lot, which is actually closer to the new entrance.

Gift Shop

After your visit, be sure to check out the store, which is located near the exit. The store actually has some fun merchandise, and the kids will like looking through their offerings as well.